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Businesslaw can seem impersonal and cold, but at Portelio this is most certainly not the case. The law firm, based in Belgium, has multiple offices to make sure they are always close to you and they always have the best interests at heart.

The Portelio team consists of 13 lawyers that share the same philosophy – they want to make business law accessible and provide concrete service to their clients.

Portelio specialises in offering advice, litigation and meditation in the field of business law. This includes company law, bankruptcy and restructuring, intellectual property, distribution law, labour law, fashion law, financial law, realestate and civil liability. Business law may seem like a cold, hard world. Portelio attempts to bring a human touch to this field. Not only by working together and helping clients to the best of their abilities, but also by valuing each and every colleague for their contribution to the firm.

Thanks to Discover Benelux for the nice article about Portelio!